It so happened that we were always connected with diving. You can often hear how you can help the underwater world.
We have two specific suggestions.
1. To learn to own your body well under water and not to touch corals.
2. Help restore corals.

Since 2005, we have been holding SCUBATLON buoyancy challenge. For the training of divers, we developed SCUBATLON SCUBA MASTER course.

To attract the attention to the project and make it much more visually appealing a glowing trail was built.

With the support of TUSA and Aqualung companies, the competition has become an annual SCUBATLON Open Cup event.

SCUBATLON-trained divers with excellent buoyancy play the most important role and fit perfectly to the coral restoration project.

From the SCUBATLON project as a recreational pastime, a volunteer movement unexpectedly, but quite naturally, was formed.